Online Media

Frankie De Soto

Online media is an effective tool to reach your target market and build online communities. You have to communicate with your followers and build relationships with them, a combination of immersion and engagement. I constantly enjoy researching the latest social media trends that are being utilized today. My previous graduate level class presentations dealt with this particular subject and I presented it to the class. My presentations covered the areas of E-marketing, Mobile Technology and Social Media and Online Media Presence.

Despite the growing online technology, the most important element is to be human and transparent. I do study social media and it’s interaction within the area of online human behavior. I also have a strong interest in Hispanic online media. There are so many opportunities here and I enjoy researching about the diversity within Hispanic culture and how it’s communicated online. My current blog, Media Rumba, contains vital information that I have gathered about both online Hispanic marketing and emerging media.

Alongside studying online media I like to develop it. I’m very interested in how Content Management Systems (CMS) are being used today to build the next generation of websites and blogs. My CMS of  choice is WordPress and I’m continuously studying the program on how I can better utilize it’s functionality for web building and web content. I’m not a web developer but it’s still a good idea to get a general knowledge of codes for minor code adjustments and team collaborations.

The use of online video is increasing. It’s one of the most effective and least expensive ways to communicate online and so I also practice digital video production and the projects that I’ve completed are on my personal  Youtube Channel.